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Peter Hain
Peter Hain

Politician, Peter Hain uses homeopathic remedies to alleviate and prevent symptoms of a wide variety of illnesses and depends on Arnica for bruising and shocks to the system.
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I’ve used homeopathy for many years and am convinced of its therapeutic value. I first came to know about homeopathy through my son who as a baby suffered from eczema. He had it a couple of years but with conventional treatment the eczema was getting progressively worse and at the age of 4 he also developed asthma. We turned to homeopathy then out of desperation and were stunned with the positive results.

Since then I have used homeopathy for a wide variety of illnesses, but I rely on Arnica as it’s excellent for treating the everyday bruises and shocks to the system we face.

My view is that homeopathy and conventional medicines must remain side by side under the NHS to offer the best to patients.