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Gaby Roslin
Gaby Roslin

Television personality Gaby Roslin is a mother of two and uses homeopathic remedies such as Chamomile for the general wellbeing of her and her family.
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I find homeopathy incredibly useful for keeping me and my family healthy. I depend on it and have a kit of homeopathic medicines ready for what day-to-day life might bring.

Homeopathy works extremely well on children. When my daughter was about 1½ she had lingering cough that would not go away no matter what we did. I took her to see a homeopath and within days of taking the homeopathic medicine prescribed my daughter’s cough cleared. This and many other visits to the homeopath with excellent outcomes have convinced me of the effectiveness of homeopathy.

Homeopathy has a tremendous amount to offer everyone in Britain. I use many complementary medicines and therapies and I believe they should be used alongside traditional medicine. The British Homeopathic Association has for decades been promoting integration of homeopathy in the health service.

I’m extremely pleased to be associated with the campaign to raise awareness of homeopathy and how it can be used more widely in healthcare today.